Stand your Ground

This one’s just for the adults.  At DeCore Martial Arts, we teach the most effective and dynamic Self-Defense system to both men and women.  

If you’ve ever been innocently attacked or had to defend yourself from physical abuse – allow our Self-Defense experts teach you how to stand up and protect yourself from future harm.  If you’ve been fortunate enough never to have been in this type of situation – we still suggest to be advantageous and learn these real-life Self-Defense techniques.

Take it from us – it’s better to be prepared than it is to think “that would never happen to me ” or “you only see that type of stuff happen on the news.”


Women's Self-Defense


Count to 120.  By the time you’re finished a woman in America just got sexually assaulted.  Scary, right?Okay, so you’ve seen the statistics.  Our point is when you learn our effective Self-Defense techniques, you’ll be able to disarm or stop a cowardly attacker right in their tracks before they’ll even have time to think.  No weapons – just your hands, feet and intelligence could prevent you from being a victim of assault (or worse).

When you participate in our Women’s Self-Defense classes you’ll not only learn how to protect yourself, but you’ll receive many other benefits too.

  • Boost your self-confidence.

  • Learn how to keep your composure and react calmly.

  • Gain strength, flexibility and speed.

  • Burn calories, lose weight & tone up.


The Facts Don't Lie

The following information and statistics are not intended to frighten you into taking Self-Defense classes, they are solely here as another informational outlet to hopefully create some more awareness in our community.  Our core objective for our Self-Defense classes are to bestow our knowledge and skill upon as many men and women as possible.  

Source :  Neighborhood Scout
Source :  Neighborhood Scout

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