Experience Our ELITE Approach to Fitness

At DeCore Martial Arts, we provide an alternative approach to health and fitness. Our philosophy is centered on empowering our clients to not only reach their goals, but to make fitness a key part of their lifestyle.  We encourage all men, women and children – regardless of their age or fitness level to participate in our Martial Arts-inspired fitness programs.  By setting realistic expectations and holding our clients accountable, we’re able to provide them with all the knowledge and tools necessary to accomplish a healthy lifestyle change.  One of the key components of our philosophy is driven by what we call our “ELITE Approach to Fitness.”


Group Classes

Our high-energy classes are educational, fun and affordable for everyone!

We start by showing you the ropes prior to your first class to make sure you feel totally comfortable with some basic Martial Arts movements and techniques.  Then, it’s time to punch and kick your way to a brand new you!  Our dynamic cardio exercise routines will help melt those unwanted pounds and inches away quicker than a left-jab!

  • Our one hour calorie-shredding workout starts off with a few stretching exercises and a cardio warm-up to get you ready to go a few rounds, then get ready for the bell to ring!
  • From front, side and back kicks, to jab, cross, hook and uppercuts – you’ll be sculpting your upper and lower body while building strength and leaning out your core!   This high-energy class is designed  to boost your heart rate and help you knock off those pounds in no time!
  • Not only are you going to look great and feel great, but you’ll be more confident than ever learning these coveted Martial Arts and Self-Defense techniques.

free consultation and assesment:

We want you to be comfortable with your choice in DeCore Martial Arts. As always, we honor a free visit to the Dojo for a consultation and assessment to determine which offering may be the best fit for you.


Personal Training

Martial Arts-Inspired Training : It’s time to rise to the challenge and take a different approach to getting fit.  

 If you have the desire to work hard and you’re ready to make the commitment, then allow our World Champion Trainers show you the most effective way to transform your body.  We’ll guide and motivate you every step of the way with our Martial Arts-inspired Personal Training.

  • First – we want to get to know you.  When’s the last time you’ve been on an exercise program?  What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the past?  What goals are you looking to accomplish and what would it mean to you when you achieve them?
  • What’s your benchmark?  It’s important to know what your starting point is so we can measure how much progression you’re going to make.  We’ll evaluate and chart some measurements and set some realistic short-term goals to accomplish.
  • Let’s Assess.  In order to properly design your fitness program we need to take you through some basic fitness tests to evaluate and assess your strength, endurance and flexibility.  Everybody’s anatomy is different – we want to take a look at how you move and see what strengths and weaknesses you have.
  • Time to get to work! Throw the gloves on and begin learning the basic fundamentals of Martial Arts & Self Defense.  You’ll be going toe-to-toe with a World Champion as your kicking and punching your way towards accomplishing your goals.

We make signing up simple and easy!

  •  No Contracts.

  • Pay-as-you-go Personal Training.

  • No Enrollment Fees or Membership Fees.

  • 60 minute and 30 minute sessions available.