Martial Arts Training Programs

The goals for our kids programs are focused on developing their Martial Arts ability, self-defense skills, physical fitness and most importantly we strive to help them personally develop into successful young men and women.  We encourage parents to allow their children to start training with our experienced instructors as early as 3 years of age and 17 is the cut-off before they would start training as adults.



  • American Kenpo Classes 

  • Group Karate & Sparring Classes

  • Private Lessons

  • Competition Training


Kids American Kenpo

Our American Kenpo classes are structured by age group and belt ranking and as our students begin enhancing their skills they will progress through our 12-belt level ranking system.

The purpose of the Kenpo Belt System is to award a student’s hard work and to recognize them as they advance and improve their skills.  Although we encourage our students to work hard towards their black belt – there is no pressure that is often such a large part of other team sports.

kids group sparring

Kids Group Karate & Sparring Classes

Our group karate & sparring classes are a great way for all our students to practice and enhance their karate skills with each other.  We divide the students into several different age groups and pair them with other students that share similar skill levels or belt rankings.

Our instructors use these one hour classes as an opportunity to teach new karate techniques as they work with the students on developing their skills as a group.  Our students will also participate in group and individual physical fitness exercises because their strength and conditioning level will play a huge role in their success.


Kids Private Lessons

We provide private 1-on-1 lessons to our students for both American Kenpo & Karate training.  Many of our Martial Arts programs are structured in group settings because we believe creating a team culture is important.  Training 1-on-1 in a private setting is also encouraged and makes for a great compliment to our group classes.

Private training is ideal for the following situations:

  •  If a student participates in Sport Karate or is preparing for a Competition.
  • When a student is just beginning Martial Arts training for the first time.
  •  If a student has a disability or needs special attention.
competition training

Competition Training

Our Karate School is one of the fastest growing schools in Ohio and is especially known for its elite competition training.  World Champion, James DeCore and his devoted staff have lead the way to produce some of the most talented Martial Artists around.  Although our instructors will never force or pressure a student to compete, with the support of their parents we do encourage them to participate on our National Karate Team – “Team DeCore.”

We provide 1-on-1 and group training for the following events:

  • Kata/Forms
  • Sparring
  • Weapons
  •  Self-Defense
  •  Chanbara

Free consultation and assessment

If you are new to Martial Arts or Karate and are unsure which program would be best suited for your son or daughter, we suggest signing up for a Free Trial Pass and allow one of our instructors to meet 1-on-1 with you and your child for a brief consultation.

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