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Martial Arts Offerings


American kenpo

American Kenpo encompasses hundreds of Self-Defense techniques and trains its students on how to deliver a variety of kick, strike and block combinations to stop an attacker.

kids karate

The goals for our kids programs are to grow their Martial Arts ability, self-defense skills, physical fitness and most importantly  develop them into successful young men and women.


Adult Self Defense

This one’s just for the adults.  At DeCore Martial Arts, we teach the most effective and dynamic Self-Defense system to both men and women.  


competitive karate

Team DeCore competes on a National Level and has produced some of the brightest young stars in the sport today. Tournaments are fun & rewarding for the students and parents.


Fitness Programs

Let’s face it – many of us have invested a lot of our time, money and effort into becoming healthy and more physically fit, but we all know getting in shape is way easier said than done.  In our opinion, most people wouldn’t be as concerned about spending the time and money on their health if they knew they would get the results in return. At DeCore Martial Arts, we provide an alternative approach to health and fitness. Our philosophy is centered on empowering our clients to not only reach their goals, but to make fitness a key part of their lifestyle. 

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We are always offering something new, so be sure to check back often to see what is available for you and your family to stay fit and focused.



Join us with our athletes and their families as we travel to participate in various tournaments through out the Cleveland and surrounding areas.

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If you’re new to Martial Arts and are still trying to decide whether or not it is the right decision for you or your child, we encourage you to take advantage of our FREE TRIAL to make sure it’s for you.  No commitments!  Hear it from our very own DeCore Family.


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