James is the most devoted teacher I have ever met. It’s not often you meet someone who is a true master of their art and at the same time has a passion for teaching. I have always taken pride in being able to defend myself and have been in some serious fights. But after six months of training I have more confidence than ever before. I learned how to defend myself against a knife attack and a gun hold up. I also suffered a severe compound leg fracture and James worked with me and at the same time pushed me harder than any other trainer has. He kept me sane when my normal athletic routine was disrupted. I am forever grateful for his guidance. If you want to learn self defense, get a good workout and defend yourself or your family, try him out. You will not be disappointed!
— Andrew Kobak

James is a fantastic instructor who really cares for his students. There’s plenty of competition based sparring if you’re interested in that and if not, then go for private lessons and belt up! My son has really enjoyed himself here!
— Corey Konicki

James DeCore has made me who I am today. He and his team are the best and funniest followed by the nicest people to be with. It’s a great experience and other people should try it. James has helped me reached my goals and he will do the same with you!
— Mikey Stollings

Best class. Great with kids. Definitely worth the money and time.
— Timothy Gonzales

We love this program! I would highly recommend it!
— Natalia Vera

The great influences this place has created for children and adults is something to be greatly proud of. Highly recommended to protect yourself.
— Chris Petrey

James is a great martial arts teacher. He knows how to create a competition kata that highlights what you do best.
— Max John