The Ultimate in Self-Defense

American Kenpo is a modern day style of Self-Defense that we teach to our students here at DeCore Martial Arts.  Our experience has taught us that no two attacks are exactly alike and that is why this dynamic system is the most effective way to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.

American Kenpo encompasses hundreds of Self-Defense techniques and trains its students how to confidentially deliver a variety of kick, strike and block combinations to stop an attacker right in their tracks.  We imitate real-life situations and help prepare you or your child from ever becoming a victim of physical assault or abuse. 


American Kenpo is for Everyone

Adults and children from all walks of life come to our facility to receive American Kenpo training, each with their own set of reasons and goals for wanting to learn and train.  Many of our students come to learn self-defense, others for physical fitness and some participate just to enjoy the fun, positive and family-oriented environment.

Outside of teaching these vital self-defense skills, our ultimate goal is to show you that everything we do and everything we teach is centered around creating a healthier and more positive lifestyle for you and your family.  Our instructors teach the importance of applying our core values not just inside our facility, but into your every day lives as well. When implemented, these principles allow an opportunity for all our students to become better, more successful individuals at school, work and home.


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Our mission is to provide a positive environment for adults and children to achieve their own personal goals through our Martial Arts and Fitness training programs.

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We want you to be comfortable with your choice in DeCore Martial Arts. As always, we honor a free visit to the Dojo for a consultation and assessment to determine which offering may be the best fit for you.