National Karate Team

Over 25 years of Sport Karate experience, Hall of Famer James DeCore leads the way as Head Coach for Team DeCore.  Although his personal competition days are still not over, his focus for the sport is now aimed towards the growth and success of his students.  Team DeCore competes on a National Level and has produced some of the brightest young stars in the sport today.

Whether the team participates at a local event or takes a road trip out-of-state, tournaments are fun and rewarding for the students and their parents.  Our students love the competitive edge and the camaraderie they build with their teammates and their parents have a blast watching them in action on center stage.

All beginner students who wish to compete on Team DeCore will begin their training in our progressive programs.  Coaches will evaluate the students as they build confidence and improve their skill-set and will communicate with the students and their parents when they’re ready for competition.


Karate Tournament Training

Kata/Forms, Sparring, Weapons, Self-Defense


Team DeCore Champions