Our Foundation


Our Martial Arts philosophy is centered on teaching our students how to confidentially respond to an attack in a calm and controlled manner that will STOP, rather than ESCALATE violence. Our mission is to provide a positive environment for adults and children to achieve their own personal goals through our Martial Arts and Fitness training programs.


James DeCore, born November 24, 1982, has been competing in karate since he was 6 years old, earning his first black belt at the age of 12.  James’ initial interest in karate began when he started watching karate movies when he was young.  His mother, and beloved late father, James Sr., both supported him to follow his dream of becoming one of the best Martial Artists in the world. When most kids his age were making plans for the weekends, James would be training vigorously for his next tournament.


To the surprise of many who know James today, his Martial Arts career did not start off with much success.   In fact, James will tell you the turning point in his career happened when he lost his first 8 karate tournaments in a row.  “I hated losing.  But, looking back at  it now I understand I had to face defeat before I could really understand what it took to be a champion…without the motivation of my father – there’s no way I’d be at where I am today.”

Soon after he had lost his eighth consecutive tournament, his father motivated him to continue training and put forth the effort and dedication necessary to succeed.  A few months later, James hit the ground running and began his unbelievable journey of success.  Winning tournament after tournament.  Competing against opponents several years old than he was, James was an absolute phenom in the Martial Arts world.  He received the Rising Star Award for the Best Up-Coming Martial Artist and an article was written about his talents in the Parma Sun Post.  He then received four gold medals in the Junior Olympic Qualifiers for the games being held in Sydney, Australia.

Now more than 20 years later, training and fighting in his father’s honor, James holds a black belt in Kenpo Karate and a 3rd degree black belt in the Bill “Superfoot” Wallace System and is a dominating force in the world of Martial Arts.  James is one of the most decorated Martial Artists in the world and has amassed a plethora of over 2,000 Titles, Trophies, and Awards recognizing his fighting superiority.  He also holds 4 coveted World Black Belt Titles, 13 National Titles, has an incredible streak of winning 62 consecutive Karate Tournaments and was inducted into the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame in 2012. Hands down, one of the most accomplished Open Freestyle Fighter’s in the world and especially known for his unparalleled “Ax Kick.”  


James DeCore now owns and operates his own Martial Arts and Fitness School “DeCore Martial Arts” and has one of the most successful Competition Karate Teams in the country, “Team DeCore.”   What’s most unique about James is with all his success, the trophies, awards and all his titles, he will still be the first one to tell you all those personal accomplishments are just secondary to seeing his students succeed.


“It’s gratifying in itself just to have the opportunity to pass down what I’ve learned over the years to a group of kids that really look forward to working hard and getting better every day, but to see some of them go on and win World Title’s of their own is just an unbelievable feeling that words can’t describe.  I truly couldn’t be more proud of what all my students have accomplished.” 

James goes on by saying: “I will always have a competitive nature to compete, but at this point in my career my passion lies deep in passing down the skill and knowledge to our next generation of Martial Artists.”  James will not only continue to live by the philosophy his father taught him when he was a child, but he will pass it down from generation to generation to all his students.

Always work harder than your opponent – train more, sweat more and complain less. Believe in yourself and have confidence. Show respect and be disciplined. And understand in order to become a true champion, you must not test your strength by your success, but rather by your ability to get back up after defeat.
— James DeCore, Owner